Familia KWanza

Family First – Preserving, Strengthening & Caring for families and OVC’s


Children’s Right’s Advocacy

A safe and happy place for children to come to our Center before or after school while their parents are still at work.


  • Fully Trained Teachers
  • Social Worker integration
  • Safe Environment to Learn & Play
  • Opportunities to thrive
  • 2x Meals A Day


We work with the Government Social Welfare Department to reunite children living in institutions back to their families.


  • Family reunification and preservation
  • Survey of orphanages in the region
  • Design and implement training for reunification
  • Work with vulnerable families to care for their children
  • Provide a temporary children’s home to assist the most vulnerable


A safe and happy place for children to come before or after school while their parents are still at work.


  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Social Worker integration
  • Safe Environment
  • Opportunities to thrive


We work to strengthen vulnerable families to stop them ever needing to send their children to institutions.


  • Expert-led classes for sewing & other activities
  • Outlet for selling the products they make
  • Safe place to earn a living & provide for their families
  • Business Opportunities

L . E . O

Leadership, Education & Opportunity
Communities for children’s Rights


Child Abuse Prevention

We work with the local communities around our Center as well as children’s institutions to deliver seminars on children’s rights with the aim to prevent child abuse.


  • Advocate for children’s rights
  • Lasting change in our community
  • Development Education
  • Improved community partnerships

Girls Group

We run a group for vulnerable young girls aged 10-16 over a year. Presenting a curriculum of life skills, exposure to new experiences and psyco-social support.


  • Mobile Children’s Library
  • Social Worker / Community Liason
  • Workshops on story writing
  • Many more activities to come..!

Changemakers Club

This is an extra-curricular club for kids to explore their own gifts and reach their full potential whilst also addressing needs in their communities and making change happen. It is a 12 week program operating in Secondary Schools


  • Children will design & develop their own community project
  • Practical Skill Development
  • Development Education
  • School Partnerships
  • Mentorship

Tuk-Tuk Outreach

Using our tuk tuk as a means of outreach to the villages in Pangani & Tanga, we aim to promote; literacy; community education on important children’s issues and as a way to access the most vulnerable children.


  • Mobile Children’s Library
  • Social Worker / Community Liason
  • Workshops on story writing
  • Many more activities to come..!
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Education is the most powerful tool for empowering and inspiring children. Knowledge is all around us – when we are inspired we can see and absorb it anywhere, when we are creative we are open and prepared to seek solutions to the unsolvable problems and develop ourselves and our communities, when we are compassionate we can relate and communicate peacefully seeing our common humanity and building strong relationships.


We also believe that our children our next generation and it is through this belief that we work to ensure that children are not constrained by poverty but are free and able to have healthy and happy futures. The most vulnerable in a society are often those who are orphaned or are made vulnerable by family breakdown, poverty or abuse. We work to ensure that children are able to grow in families, working on family preservation and reunification. This action-orientated approach includes mentorship opportunities and entrepreneurship promotion.


We are working with a number of women to develop their skills as tailors to provide them with a steady income. We aim to work with the female caregivers of the most vulnerable children to create economically empowered households. The products that are made by the women’s groups are sold in Tanzania and in the rest of the world to raise funds for Pamoja Leo as well as providing a jobs with regular incomes to allow families to plan for the future and care for their children.




Georgina grew up on Cyprus and her husband Ed in the UK. They have lived in Tanzania since 2014 with their two children. Georgina realised at around 18 that the untouched potential in children living in poverty was part of her story. It was imprinted in her heart that it was wrong that people ignored or pitied children in vulnerable situations. She went on to get her BSc in International Development and is currently studying for her MSc in Development Education.

They now run a Centre for orphaned and vulnerable children to have life changing services such as health, education, counseling and so much more. Georgina & Ed empower parents or caregivers of these children with skills to be better parents and to start businesses. Ed works in the background doing the groundwork whilst Georgina opens kindergartens in remote villages, starts children’s rights and leadership clubs in schools and is working with the government to improve the way they deal with and help orphans by creating a database and response systems. She has also started a girls group for those living with HIV, training teachers and village leaders in children centered approaches and is hoping to expand all the existing projects in the coming years.

Georgina’s challenge to us all is to stand up and fight for the rights of vulnerable children to achieve their full potential. We all have a part to play, and all have something we can give.

All children have the ability to change the world and Pamoja Leo works to help children thrive and be all they can be!




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