Doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Participating in 100KIDS100QUID alone is not enough to fulfil the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). Therefore, we have tailored our Pamoja Leo Ambassador Program to extend participation beyond 100KIDS100QUID to ensure DofE requirements are met. The Pamoja Leo Ambassador Program is designed to work with participants to fulfil their requirements and to give them a very personal and exciting volunteering experience.

Whats is the Pamoja Leo Ambassador Program?

The Pamoja Leo Ambassador Program is a way to take your volunteering efforts beyond the challenge you completed and to be part of the Pamoja Leo organisation yourself.

This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about:
sustainable charity; education; advocacy and/or children’s welfare.

It is a way for students to further their learning and for those who are inspired to find a way to continually contribute and make an impact. It is also specially designed for Duke of Edinburgh award participants to complete their Service Section of the Award.

To be eligible for the Program, all participants must:

  • Notify us when registering that they intend to use their participation in 100KIDS100QUID towards their DofE Award;
  • Notify us of what level of award they are hoping to achieve (Bronze, Silver or Gold Award);
  • Commit to Submitting their completed Information pack (all exercise filled in) upon completion of their project;
  • Successfully achieve their goal of raising £100
  • Commit to fulfilling on the remaining time required to complete your Service Section of the DofE.

When you apply we will work together to examine where your strengths lie and how you can best serve in the program. The three main areas we will be working with you are:

Fundraising: If you enjoyed raising your money and want to carry this further then join the Fundraising Team.

Advocacy: If you believe strongly in the project or you enjoyed working on some of the topics that you came across in 100KIDS100QUID such as child poverty reduction or you feel strongly about leadership opportunities, then you can work on the Communications Team. Tasks include: social media advocacy; getting more kids to join the next 100KIDS100QUID program; helping us improve learning materials or even create your own campaigns under the guidance of our team.

Project management: If you are interested in knowing how an organization works, then there are lots of roles that you can participate in that benefit the running of the projects. Ed is a master at Project Management so you would be in good hands.

All those who achieve the following commitment will be awarded a certificate and a letter of reference acknowledging your efforts:

  • Complete the agreed duration of volunteering based on the level of award you want to achieve;
  • Submit a reflection statement of your experience of 500 words;
  • Complete 3 small written tasks we set you that will help you conclude your program.


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